Webster Lake Veterinary Hospital

Ways to Enrich Your Indoor Cat’s Life


 Indoor cats love to hunt and pounce just as much as an outdoor cat, you just need to be a bit more creative with their outlets.


1.    Help your indoor cat bring out the “inner predator” by hiding parts of their dry food in ping pong balls with holes in them. The cats can bat them around until the food comes out. You can also use cat treats if your cat is not overweight.


2.    Place bird houses or baths outside the windows of your home and place a window perch in the window so you cat can watch “Kitty TV” all day. Apartments? Some cats enjoy the cat nature DVD’s, you can leave them on you DVD player for hours of cat enjoyment. www.kittyshow.com


3.    Play with your cat every day for 15 minutes twice a day. Cats enjoy chasing ball, running after cat teasers, and most love laser pointers. Just find the toys that your cat enjoys the most and your cat will provide you with entertainment too!


4.    Cats naturally like to scratch, it helps them sharpen and shed their claws. Supply plenty of options, most cats like a certain texture, carpet, rope, cardboard. Once you find the texture your cat likes, place them near your kitty’s favorite nap spots. Cats like to stretch after waking up and many like to sharpen their claws on something. Indoor cat still scratching? See our bad kitty behaviors handout.


5.    Grow your own organic cat grass. Cats do not need grass but many enjoy eating it, just make sure it does not make your kitty vomit. If it does, you may want to grow your own fresh catnip and give it to your kitty on “special occasions.”


  1. Bored cat? Some cats would enjoy another cat to play with, and the two of them help provide each other with both company and playtime. Just make sure to talk to your vet before you get another cat, he or she can help you decide if another cat would be good for home.