Webster Lake Veterinary Hospital

Did You Know


The most common household toxins:


·       Alcohol

·       Antifreeze

·       Chocolate

·       Coffee

·       Garlic

·       Glow jewelry and Glow sticks

·       Grapes/raisins

·       Hearts/ Zodiac (flea and tick products) **causes seizures in cats**

·       Human meds such as antidepressants or heart meds

·       Ivy Plants

·       Lead

·       Lilly House Plants

·       Liquid potpourri

·       Marijuana

·       Mothballs

·       Mushrooms

·       NSAIDS (no steroidal anti-inflammatory) such as Advil or Tylenol

·       Onions

·       Pathos Plants

·       Pesticides

·       Poinsettias

·       Rat poison

·       Tinsel

·       Tobacco

·       Xylatol (sweetener in sugar free gums etc.)


For a complete list of Toxins please visit to ASCPA website at www.aspca.org Keywords household toxins, toxic and/or nontoxic plants


If you think your pet has consumed any of these products please call us immediately or contact Poison Control at 800-213-6680