Webster Lake Veterinary Hospital

Healthy Treats!


Most Vegetables or fruits do the trick! Vegetables and fruit are low in fat and carbohydrates. They are a much healthier treat than the store bought milk bones etc. Veggies and/or fruit can be fresh, frozen or canned. Veggies and/or fruit can be raw or cooked. If canned beware of salt and sugar content. Always buy low sodium.


Top 10 Veggies:


1) Carrots

2) Green beans, white or any long beans

3) Cucumbers

4) Corn (off the husk!)

5) Peas alone or in the pod

6) Broccoli (may have a stinky effect)

7) Celery

8) Cauliflower

9) Pumpkin (canned or peeled)

10) Squashes (canned or peeled)


Top 5 Fruit:


1) Watermelon

2) Cantaloupe/Honeydew Melons

3) Apples (no cores!)

4) Pears (no cores!)

5) Bananas


Things to NEVER feed to your pet:


1) Onion

2) Grapes

3) Raisins

4) Chocolate

5) Alcohol

6) Caffeine (Coffee, tea, sodas, etc.)


*** Do NOT feed corncobs, husks, rinds, thick skins, or cores. These are not digested well and can cause an intestinal blockage or poisoning. ***

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