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The Dirt on Fleas!


1.    In order for flea preventative to work you must treat ALL pets in the house. This includes the hamster, Guinea pig, ferret, or the stray cat that hangs out in the yard.

2.    Choose your flea products carefully. Not all products are what they claim to be. For instance: A.Flea dips and baths can be very toxic to your pet and don’t work very well. B.Some over the counter topical products can cause seizures in cats. C.Bombs only treat the surfaces of furniture and fleas like to live under furniture.

3.    Please read the package to make sure you are applying the product correctly. Most products are applied monthly, but some can be applied more frequently if need be.

4.    Please read the package to make sure you are applying it within the proper time frame. Example frontline can be applied every 3 weeks but not longer than every 4 weeks. All products take more than one month to kill all fleas in the house. There are 4 stages to a flea’s life (egg, larva, pupa, and then adult flea). You have all 4 stages in your home and will need to treat at least 3 months to clear all 4 life stages.

5.    If this seems to be a reoccurring problem, consider your neighbors? If you live in a multifamily or apartment setting you might want to consider flea preventative year round. If you live in a single family, consider the wildlife… Do you walk where rabbits, deer etc are commonly seen? Do you walk to a highly populated dog area?  These are all factors that contribute to continued exposure and you would benefit from a year round routine of flea preventative.

6.    Excessive bathing or swimming can remove or weaken the topically applied product.

7.    If you have a crawl space, an elevated porch with dirt under it or any other structures under which your pet, strays, or wildlife might access it is advised to block this access. Fleas like warm damp spaces.


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